Tampa + vedante MS-8030001140

Tampa + vedante MS-8030001140

A bloquear para garantir o bom funcionamento do aparelho.

IMPORTANT Before ordering this spare part, please take a look at the reference of your Companion cooking food processor, (reference* visible under the product or on the packaging).
- if this reference ends with 702 for example Companion HF800A10/702* : please order the lid MS-8030000305 MS-8030000305 which is suitable for these product models.
- if this reference ends with 700 or 701 for example Companion HF800A10/700*: this lid is suitable for your product
Lock by turning at handle-level of the bowl.

Designed for Companion cooking food processors:
- HF800A10/700 and /701*
- HF800A12/700 and /701*
- HF800A13/700 and /701*
- FE800A38/701*
- FE800A40/701*
- FE900138/701*
- HP503117/701*


Referência : MS-8030001140

EUR 35.2 35,20 €

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